The offering

  • Saule Stonkute Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Cali
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We will be laying tonight in the garden, lazily enjoying the last smiles of the sun. I will see her flawless hair slowly moving in a soft wind, and admire her long legs. One does not simply describe the perfectness, but in this case no defect or mistake could ever be found. The way she runs around our house, the way she brings the food, the way she never gets tired or annoyed, the way her eyes sparkle at the time of sunset and the way she wraps all over me while we are falling asleep tonight. However, the perfectness requires sacrifice. And it fills me full of pride to think that I can help my love –being devoured by her, becoming her next meal– to produce a new generation of young garden spiders. That will make the circle perfect, because tomorrow I will go away to give new life to this world. The web slowly moves in a chilly evening’s wind, as my love and curse falls asleep.

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